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Film #7 – COUNTRY BOY CAN SURVIVE: The Story of Matt Hughes’ Fight for Survival Matt Hughes was a dominant UFC champion, but after his hall of fame career came to a close, he faced his toughest fight ever, this time, for his very survival.

Premiere Date: Tuesday, May 28

Film #8 – COMBATANT IN CHIEF: The Story of Donald Trump’s History in Combat Sports When Donald Trump opened his Atlantic City casino to the struggling UFC, it was that start of an unlikely friendship between the current POTUS and UFC president Dana White.

Premiere Date: Wednesday, May 29 3

Film #9 – THREE GUYS AND THREE LETTERS: The Story of the Fertittas & Dana White In 2001, the Fertitta brothers bought the failing UFC and installed Dana White as its president, setting the stage for the three friends to revolutionize combat sports forever.

Premiere Date: Thursday, May 30

Film #10 – BEFORE AND AFTER: The Story of Kevin Lynch’s Iconic UFC Photos In 2007, renowned photographer Kevin Lynch published a book of his iconic UFC photography that would dramatically reframe the image of the sport and its athletes.

Premiere Date: Friday, May 31

Film #11 – A MATTER OF PRIDE: The Story of UFC’s Rivalry With Japan’s Pride FC In 1993, UFC President Dana White entered Chuck Liddell into Pride’s 2003 middleweight grand prix tournament, with hopes of winning the larger battle for MMA supremacy.

Premiere Date: Monday, June 3

Film #12 – BULLY PROOF: The Story of GSP’S Evolution from Bully Victim to UFC Badass As child, Georges St-Pierre was targeted by bullies until his father put him karate class, starting him on the path to becoming a fighting machine and a UFC champion.

Premiere Date: Tuesday, June 4

Film #13 – RECONNECTING WITH REALITY: The Story of The Ultimate Fighter Reunion In 2005, The Ultimate Fighter reality series saved the UFC from failure, and 13 years later, the inaugural cast reunited for an extraordinary event to break bread and bust b@lls.

Premiere Date: Wednesday, June 5

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