Sarah Moras Faced Different Challenges In This Camp

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“I’m just really looking forward to getting back in there,” said Moras, who enters Saturday’s contest looking to snap a two-fight skid. “She’s not a southpaw, so I’ve had to switch some things up, but I feel pretty confident wherever this fight goes.”

While the first of the curveballs she faced while preparing to step into the cage this weekend was of the variety every fighter expects to encounter at some point in their journey, the other was more like the type Clayton Kershaw throws that leave hitters frozen, unsure of what to do as the bottom drops out and the umpire signals a strike.

A few days before breaking camp and departing Las Vegas for the Canadian capital, Moras received word that her grandfather had passed away.

“I don’t really live close to my family, so it has been a lot harder with my family,” said Moras, who moved to Las Vegas from Kelowna, British Columbia about a year ago and whose family resides in Chilliwack, about 90 minutes east of Vancouver. “It really sucks that I’m not able to be there.

“I knew he wasn’t doing so well, so I was planning to go right after my fight. I’ll still go and see my family and support them, but unfortunately I won’t get to see him.

“My grandpa has had Alzheimer’s for a while now, so as sad as it is and as hard as it is on my family, it’s probably better for him,” she added. “It sucks for all of us, unfortunately, so I’ve tried to focus on the positives, like that he’s not suffering any more, but it’s still sad because I really wanted to see him again. We were really close when I was younger.”

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