Miletich The Voice Of CES MMA 58

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“When I decided to be a world champion was when I was sitting in the basement of a house that had a leaky basement,” Miletich said. “I had to leave college early to take care of my mother. I was derailed, basically in what I wanted to pursue in life. So, when I decided to be a fighter and be a world champion, there was no other option. So, I loaded a 9-millimeter and put it in my sock drawer in my dresser and every time I fought I though about that gun. For me, there was no option. I knew I was going to be a world champion.”

As a man who fought his way out of depression and a situation he knew he wasn’t destined for, Miletich finds himself turned off by fighters without the love or fighting and the process of becoming the best. His demand for passion in sports is so strong that his interest in other sports has diminished to nothing and for a handful of years now, it’s strictly the hungry rising stars that catch his eye. In fact, by the numbers, Miletich’s eye for budding talent speaks for itself.

“I think we ended up putting over 90 kids on TV,” Miletich said. “Around 30 in the UFC but between all the different organizations 90 and 14 world champs.”

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