Länsberg Excited To Fight At Home

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UFC: Do your parents enjoy watching their daughter fight?

LL: Actually when my dad watched my fight against Cyborg, my sister told me about it. Suddenly he just started crying, because suddenly he just realized how big it was. You know, I think he tried to see it as something quite small, not too much, you know? And then suddenly he just realizes it’s a little bit too big for him.

But my mom, she enjoys it. Of course she didn’t want me to get hurt, but she accepts it. When somebody asks her, she usually says “When you see Lina walking to the cage, you see that she’s doing the right thing. She loves to be there.”

UFC: Your opponent is still searching for her first UFC win. Does that make her more dangerous in some respects?

LL: That’s hard to say. It could be that way. It could also be that she’s more nervous, feeling more pressure. So it depends, from person to person, how you deal with things like that.

UFC: What have you been doing this camp to get ready for her?

LL: I’ve been working on every aspect of the game. Definitely everything. She’s a really tough opponent. She’s been in this sport for so, so long. So I’ve been working all around. But I think this will be a really good fight. I do enjoy tough opponents, when they come forward and really want a war.

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