Julian Erosa Is Always A Student

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Over ten years ago, Erosa took that attitude into mixed martial arts, and it hasn’t changed in the slightest.

“I don’t care if a white belt walks into the gym and they’ve never trained before; that guy might be able to teach me something,” he said. “I’m not keeping myself to a standard to where I can’t be taught something. I enjoy being a student and I want to give a hundred percent to what I’m doing. That’s always been my drive with fighting. It doesn’t matter how good you are or who you are. Jon Jones can still learn stuff, Daniel Cormier can still learn things.”

Erosa, despite compiling an impressive 22-8 record since his pro debut in 2010, still feels that he hasn’t even scratched the surface when it comes to what he can do on fight night. Yet while learning and growing as a martial artist are both good things, at the highest level of the sport, he has to win, too, and that’s the goal in Rochester as he looks to snap a two-fight skid.

“I take my career as each fight comes and I try not to get too high or too low on things,” Erosa said. “Obviously I’m coming off two losses and that sucks, but you can never get too high about it or too low. If you win a fight, you can get super pumped and excited about it, but that’s just gonna make a fight you lose that much worse. And vice versa. The only thing I want to take away from losing is learning.”

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