Jimmy Crute Ushering In A New Era

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“There’s a wave of up-and-comers that are going to clear house and take over the division,” Crute said. “There’s a lot of legends and guys that have been around for a while that are on their way out. I’m happy to be a part of the new wave of light heavyweights that are coming through to make the division great again.”

But the future is far from Crute’s mind this week. For now, his concentration remains on Cirkunov and Vancouver, where he’ll have his first UFC fight outside of Australia. Crute said Vancouver and Melbourne have a lot of similarities – which has made for a comfortable fight week.

“It’s been a great fight week. I could be anywhere in the world and have a great fight week,” Crute said. “I’m going to fight on the weekend so I can’t complain about anything. I get to do what I love on Saturday.”

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