Hunter Azure Isn’t Rushing The Journey

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“Each fight I feel like I could have done more and should have done more,” he said. “I keep learning and growing each time, so that’s the main thing. I’m hard on myself, and I guess it’s just gonna keep bringing me back better.”

It’s not hard to appreciate Azure’s attitude, and that attitude – along with talent and hard work – has led him to a perfect 7-0 pro record. But while he’s always looking forward, he doesn’t forget what it took to get here in the first place, a long road that he never thought he would be on after injuries ended his wrestling career at Montana State University-Northern.

“There were times I thought I was just gonna be working forever, working construction or some type of job and spending my weekends fishing and hunting,” he said. “But I’m glad I just kept pushing towards my dream and just believing in myself. There’s days it’s raining, snowing or you’re sore and you don’t want to work out, but those are the days you crawl out of bed and keep going.”

Turning pro in 2017, Azure eventually found himself in Arizona with the MMA Lab squad, and while he knew he had the goods to compete in the UFC, he thought he needed a little more seasoning when he got the call for the Contender Series. So he took that seasoning, risking his spot on the show but making the most of it with a win over LJ Schulz in May. Then it was off to Las Vegas and his date with destiny, another risk which paid off.

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