DWCS: Season 3, Episode 1 Contract Winners

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“I felt like I was fighting a guy with broomsticks, with extra long arms,” Soriano said of his matchup. “It was good. I got to overcome some adversity. I don’t always get to do that.”

Despite reaching the final bell for the first time in his UFC career, Soriano showed enough heart, tenacity and potential to earn a UFC contract, much to his own relief. Soriano’s MMA journey started when he decided to follow UFC featherweight Dan Ige to the gym, and then to Las Vegas, and now, “Puna” joins Ige as a UFC athlete.

“It was less of a rush,” Soriano said. “It was more of a release. Everything was on me, and I just felt a flush. Everything is out of the way. I feel completely relaxed. I feel so happy. I’m so grateful for this opportunity. I’m not going to let (Dana White) down. I’m not going to let anyone down.”

Zac Paceb is a writer and producer for UFC.com. You can follow him on Twitter @ZacPacleb.

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