“Destiny” Brought Correia Back To Brazil & To Face Aldana

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After a three-round war against Marion Reneau and suffering the KO to former champion Holly Holm, Correia was due for some time off but not nearly as much as she received.

The 35-year old Brazilian was originally scheduled to return in Jan. 2018 against Irene Aldana but she was ultimately forced out of her contest due to an eye problem that required her to undergo surgery.

Seven months later, Correia was once again booked for a showdown against Aldana, this time at UFC 227 in California. That’s when the bottom really fell out from under her after Correia wasn’t cleared to compete just days before the fight was scheduled to take place.

Once again her eyes were at the root of the problem and it was particularly frustrating because Correia thought she had done everything necessary to correct the prior issue she was facing. 

In fact, at no point was Correia ever in danger of never being able to compete again because of an eye injury — she just nearly lost faith when she did everything possible to come back and yet the rug was pulled out from under her. 

“I was pretty confident I would be back,” Correia said ahead of her return at UFC 237. “My doctors left it up to me if I would go back or not because they healed me. To me, the worst moment was getting my fight cancelled in California three days ahead [of the event]. That was the moment that made me really think about quitting and just made me really fall apart. That was the toughest.”

Like any injury, Correia knew she had to take the time to allow her eyes to heal following surgery but she thought everything had been solved when she arrived to fight at UFC 227.

According to Correia, the hardest part about that week spent in California was already putting in the time and effort to go through a training camp in preparation to compete and then she was told just three days out from the event that she wouldn’t be allowed to fight. 

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