A Quick Treadmill Workout for Any Time of Year – Women’s Running

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All kinds of variables can get in the way of getting out the door. It’s always smart to have a treadmill workout on standby to get your miles in.

Despite warm-weather vibes, sometimes you’ve gotta log miles inside. It helps when you have a go-to treadmill workout.

While some runners refer to the sometimes-essential piece of equipment as the “dreadmill,” we prefer to keep a more positive attitude. After all, we’d rather log that training inside than not at all, right? Right?

Before you dive into the workout, consider these tips:

• Don’t worry if your pace slows down a little bit. Some runners find treadmill runs to feel more challenging than the same miles logged outside. Go by your perceived effort rather than a particular pace per mile if it helps keep you motivated.

• Account for you increased sweat. It’s warm inside and you’re not moving, so the perspiration isn’t going to evaporate. Consider strategically placing a fan in front of you and having a towel nearby to wipe off.

• Have some fun. Treat yourself to something you wouldn’t do during an outdoor run. For some, it’s listening to music. For others, maybe it’s the television or a podcast. Whatever it is, if it’s special, it might serve as a way to stay motivated and make the time pass a little faster.

Whether you’re traveling for work, watching the kids, or the weather’s just straight-up not cooperating, squeeze in a killer aerobic workout in less than 45 minutes with this fun treadmill program from Matthew Meyer, certified run coach at Mile High Run Club in New York City.

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